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Loco for Rocco's Tacos

Rocco's Tacos


The moment you enter Rocco's Tacos you'll feel the Mexican ambiance that feels muy bueno.

Although not a sports bar they do get quite a gathering when there is a sporting event happening, why because the food is unbelievable. Rocco's Tacos also a tequila bar has more than 250 tequila variations at the bar, making you hit the floor faster than you can say TE-QUI-LAAA!

Lacking television sets for sporting events, there's only two at either end of the bar but they don't need the sports crowds because this place always has a crowd. They will change the channel to whichever game you're in the mood to watch, if there's no other major game on. Even though it's not a sports bar, the guacamole will make it all better.

Reviewing Rocco's Tacos is an easy task, having lived in El Paso and eating truly authentic Mexican food, this restaurant will give you the true taste of what other ordinary Mexican restaurants in SoFlo fail to deliver, Real Mexican Food and Flavors. From the homemade chips (which isn't your commercially bought tri color rubbish), the amazeballs tortas, to the delicious Micheladas Rocco's Taco delivers quality.

What to order you ask? Well, almost anything on the menu is going to be delish and worth the calories. If you've never been, please do and take some friends. Taco Tuesdays is a great day to go and enjoy the crowd. I will warn you, you will walk out feeling like a stuffed burrito.