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Local Beer Pioneer Passes

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Last week the Tennessee beer community lost one of its founding members to the craft beer movement. Stephanie Weins of Blackstone Restaurant and Brewery passed away last Friday morning.

Stephanie and her close friend and business partner started Blackstone in 1994. Stephanie as many of you know handled the restaurant but was an important piece in the brewery as well. The idea of craft beer was a foreign idea but was brought to light when Blackstone opened. After years of work Blackstone has made an indelible mark on Nashville. Stephanie was always one to make the beer bigger and better at every turn. They both had a dream to have a brewery off site which became realized in 2011. Since 1994 Blackstone has always tried to push the envelope on the beer and Stephanie was a big part of that. She was never satisfied with staying in place, she always wanted to move Blackstone forward and worked hard to do so.

As one of the people who introduced craft beer to Nashville, she will be missed. So the next time you have a Blackstone beer take moment to remember the person who helped bring the beer to you.