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Local artist busts onto comic scene with Plume

Plume Comic


K. Lynn Smith, a native of the Lansing area, is quickly gaining a substantial fan base for her comic Plume; and for good reason.

Plume is an adventure story set in the Old West and features a feisty main character named Vesper and her "supernatural companion" Corrick. When Corrick's appearance throws a flame of excitement on Vesper's boring life they set off on a quest to recover her father's life work and soon find out the Wild West really lives up to it's name.

Not typically a reader of comics, I am now an official fan of Plume. It stands out from your typical action comics with it's witty humor and bold colors. The attention to detail and the vivid expressions shown by the characters contribute to Plumes unique style. Smith, the writer and artist, also admits that "It's style isn't typical of American comics. (It's) softer in both line work and color."

I would say it is the expressions that "make" the comic. With less dialogue than some comics, Plume doesn't seem to need it, as the character's faces express volumes. This, combined with the "movements" of the characters give the comic a great mixture of action, drama and comedy.

Whatever it is that makes it different, it's not just the public that is taking notice, but publishers as well. Plume was recently featured at the C2E2 Chicago's Comic and Entertainment Expo. IC Geeks Publishing has picked up the comic and you can buy a hard copy of the first chapter (2nd chapter coming soon) through them.

So, if you're a fan of comics, check it out. If you've never read a comic before in your life, check it out. Get on the Plume train now because Smith is on the fast track to success! What does Smith think of it all? "I get to do what I love!"

Find Plume online; a new page is posted every few weeks, soon to be weekly.

Plume is also on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure to check it out and leave some love.


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