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‘Living Prayer,’ by Dennis Fuqua

By Dennis Fuqua
By Dennis Fuqua
Deep River Books

Learn how to use the pattern of the Lord’s Prayer to pray for any situation in your life...


'Living Prayer,’ by Dennis Fuqua, Deep River Books, 2012, 208 Pages, ISBN: 978-1935265993, $13.97

Vancouver, WA pastor and founder of Pastor’s Prayer Summit, Dennis Fuqua asks, “What if, when Jesus said, ‘…this, then is how you should pray…’ He really meant it?” The answer is found in the pages of his new release, “Living Prayer.”

Twelve chapters are divided into three sections. The last segment contains 56 personal prayer samples “…based on [the author’s] understanding of the Lord’s Prayer…” also known as the “Disciples Prayer.”

Dennis begins with why prayer is important to him and the different ways prayer has shaped his life. He explains what biblical meditation is, why it’s important and why he believes this style of meditation is essential in “…learning from Jesus how to pray…”

This segment ends with “The Essence Unlimited” where he dissects the Lord’s Prayer, “…word by word and line by line…” Here, readers learn the prayer begins with a greeting followed by “seven requests” that Dennis divides in half. While the first half focuses on “…God and His desires…” the second half is about “…us and our needs…”

Dennis uses the Lord’s Prayer as a prayer pattern, one that changed his spiritual life and brought him closer to the Lord. He hopes readers will respond to his writing and be inspired to use the Lord’s Prayer to transform their prayer lives as well.

If your prayer life isn’t all you think it should be, National Day of Prayer week is a perfect time to consider transformational change with “Living Prayer.” And perhaps make time for the Seattle/King County’s Prayer Breakfast:

For more information on the author’s prayer ministry:

Back Cover Copy:

“What if when Jesus said,

‘This, then is how you should pray…’

He really meant it?”

Living Prayerwill unlock the prayer life you long for…and God longs to give you. When you pray as Christ taught his disciples, you’ll discover the power of the Lord’s Prayer alive in you!

This is not another book about prayer. Author Dennis Fuqua will inspire and equip you to transform your prayer life with fresh insights from this ancient prayer. Get ready for a deeper connection to God’s heart and assurance that your prayers will be heard and answered.

Special Features and Benefits include:

  • Learn how to use the pattern of the Lord’s Prayer to pray for any situation in your life.
  • Discover the obvious and significant difference between the two halves of the Lord’s Prayer.
  • Make use of 56 prayers that flow from the lines and words of the Lord’s Prayer.

“If you have never studied the Lord’s Prayer, you need to

read this book. If you have studied the Lord’s Prayer

many times, you really need to read this book.”

—Dan Crawford, chair of prayer and spiritual formation emeritus,

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Twitter: @GailWelborn

FaceBook: Gail Welborn



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