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Living Color by Natalie Goldberg explores a newfound love of painting

Living Color by author-artist Natalie Goldberg
Courtesy of stewart, tabori & chang

Living Color by Natalie Goldberg


Having been a writer and then author for many years, Natalie Goldberg is a familiar name and famous for a book called Writing Down the Bones. She has taught workshops and has a penchant for teaching. That’s why when we were presented with another book entitled, Living Color, we were excited at the prospect.

If you are creative and have an interest in painting, this is a book you will want to see. Apparently the impetus for this title came when she picked up a child’s watercolor set and discovered how painting expanded her creative vision and complemented her writing.

"...the impetus for this title came when she picked up a child’s watercolor set..."

Natalie offers her own paintings as a guarantee of her efforts and inspiration. They are interesting, filled with color, and almost primitive in nature. (And they have been exhibited and sold—a testament to her talent.)

What most of the instruction does is to help you quiet your inner critic and just begin to paint what you see for the love of release and getting caught up in the examination of everyday objects and scenes.

I love the essays about her life and family that help to inform her writing. There are interactive exercises that help to propel the reader into visual expression. If you have thought about painting, this book will prove to be delightful and may help you on the road to extended creativity.

Living Color by Natalie Goldberg, Stewart, Tabori and Chang, and the STC Craft|Melanie Falick Book, ISBN: 978-1-61769-084-6; 2014 about $24.95 US

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