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Live Twitter Review: Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2


On the evening of July 27th I sat down to watch The Amazing Spider-man 2 and to live tweet the event on my twitterfeed @Mattdho. Below is that event: (PS... this movie was the worst)

Live tweeting the Amazing Spider-Man 2. Known from this point as #SPIDEYDEUX

1st scene is extremely intense & dark. Followed by Paul Giamatti grumbling incoherently & Spider-Man making 1000 horrible jokes #SPIDEYDEUX

Stan Lee cameo right after crying Sally Field at Spidey graduation. Then an inappropriately timed kiss. #SPIDEYDEUX

Wait so Spider-Man really de-pants Paul Giamatti. Come on. Please stop being so campy. #SPIDEYDEUX

How old is Spider-man supposed to be? 18? 23? No one knows but this is important. #SPIDEYDEUX

First 10 minutes of the Amazing Spider-Man 2... 2/10. #IBreakUpWithYou #SPIDEYDEUX

Why can his girlfriend know who he is but his aunt can't? #SPIDEYDEUX

Oh Jamie Foxx plays a loser in this movie. I'm guessing Spidey is going to spurn his advances. #SPIDEYDEUX

Spidey should go rob the Islamic State in order to give his Aunt some cash. #SPIDEYDEUX

It's hard to imagine Jamie Foxx as having such a low self esteem b/c Ive seen his penis. But he's that good of an actor I buy it #SPIDEYDEUX

It's hard to imagine Jamie Foxx as having such a low self esteem b/c Ive seen his penis. But he's that good of an actor I buy it #SPIDEYDEUX

The only movie you'll see a Sony Vaio in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 #SPIDEYDEUX

BJ Novak is really stuck playing the role as asshole hipster he wrote himself into from The Office. #SPIDEYDEUX

Corporate Negligence creates Electro? #SPIDEYDEUX

Harry Osborn channeling some serious Zuckerberg. #SPIDEYDEUX

Spidey and Harry have a touching bro moment at the beginning of the second act right after Electro is created. #SPIDEYDEUX

First they're standoffish. But then a good unibrow joke reignites they old friendship, then they talk about women like property. #SPIDEYDEUX

After seeing Electro for 5 minutes I want him to kill Spider-Man and rule the world as Master and Commander. #SPIDEYDEUX

Spidey channels George Costanza's human Frogger on the way to the worst romantic bullshit scene in years. #SPIDEYDEUX

Electro sees the whole world like how Neo sees the Machine City in The Matrix Revolutions. #SPIDEYDEUX

Spidey follows Gwen around NYC minimum once a day. Because "it's the closest he could get to still being with her." #Gag #SPIDEYDEUX

Electro is about to go all Skrillex on time square I think. 51 minutes in before conflict arises. #SPIDEYDEUX

Oh Electro gets pissed because people like Spider-Man more. Is this what Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will be like. PLZ no #SPIDEYDEUX

No only is Spider-man wearing a fireman hat when he blasts electro 1950's southern racist style, but makes 2 more shitty jokes. #SPIDEYDEUX

A frustrated Spidey plays Gone, Gone, Gone by Philips Philips while decided to posthumously forgive his parents. #SPIDEYDEUX #ShitFlix

Both Harry & Spidey find hidden messages from their fathers who ironically used to he buddies. This will surely lead to act 3. #SPIDEYDEUX

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 had 3 writers and it's not even based on original content. Three. #SPIDEYDEUX

Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci & Jeff Pinkner the writers of #SPIDEYDEUX have definitely read #SaveTheCat This is more formulaic than #Sorkin

90min in Gwen and Spidey are in the closet hiding from Oscorp thugs, Spidey actually points out in dialogue the dumb plot. #SPIDEYDEUX

It's been 15 min since electro was hosed down by Spidey in time square. Where is he? #SPIDEYDEUX

Oh, Electro is at some random ass institute ran by literally a mad scientist. #SPIDEYDEUX

The mad scientist who is studying who and why Electro is just happens to be German. Of course. COME ON PLEASE. #SPIDEYDEUX

Sally Field is still pretty good in it. #SPIDEYDEUX


Nearly as shitty as

"Anakin, you're breaking my heart." - Padmé


Train tokens hidden in the TI-83 calculator. #SPIDEYDEUX

Barely any action happens in this super expensive film. #SPIDEYDEUX

Spider-Man has to read out loud hahaha. #SPIDEYDEUX

Spidey's dad's secret train laboratory is a total Platform 9 3/4 ripoff. #SPIDEYDEUX

The only saving grace would be if The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was ironically shitty like Piranha 3D or Sharknado. #SPIDEYDEUX

Jason Schwartzman was a strange casting decision as the the thug that runs Oscorp security.

Wait so Harry zaps Electro with a tazer and now he no longer needs to take on physical form.

Romantic scene for no reason #900

A God named Sparkles?

WHERE IS RHINO? 30 min left.

Why does electro ever take physical form? Just be invisible and shoot lightning always.

Electro plays Itsy Bitsy Spider while trying to murder Spidey.

The entire colliding planes thing in
#SPIDEYDEUX has literally nothing to do with the plot or characters. Totally pointless.

My GOD the green Goblin looks soooooo gross. Come on.

Green Golbin and Spidey fighting inside the gigantic clock. Do I smell a "ran out of time" joke following a death?

HOLY SHIT. they killed Gwen. Jesus. Spidey didn't save her OR her dad. Come on. This movie is horse shit.

"I AM THE RHINO! I told you I would be back!"

Finally Paul Giamatti is back. With minutes left in film.

Spidey smashes Rhino in the face. Cut to black.

Shit fest OVER!!!!! #neveragain

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