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Live review and photos of The Cult Heroes, Wild Savages and Screw at Woodruffs

The Cult Heroes, Wild Savages and Screw


On Saturday night, Woodruffs was packed for a killer Rock n' Roll show featuring Screw, Wild Savages, and Ann Arbor's garage punk rock legends The Cult Heroes. Screw and Wild Savages were really awesome but The Cult Heroes stole the show. Singer Hiawatha, performs with such passion and is quite the comedian too. When their shredding guitar player broke a guitar string, Hiawatha entertained us with some stand up comedy that had us laughing out loud. He also stated how much he loved Woodruffs and the staff, how much he would miss this venue, and that he could never, ever eat a taco in this place. We totally agreed!

The Cult Heroes
MIss Shela
Woodruffs Bar
Miss Shela

All jokes aside, it made us sad to think of this place closing. Yes, It's the final days of another awesome live music venue in Ypsilanti. Woodruffs, located in Historic Depot Town, is closing forever. Soon to be another Mexican Restaurant. It will be open until the end of April, so you still have a chance to go see a few more shows there. Get your ass out to Ypsilanti before it's too late.