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LITV Exclusive: Plumb reveals how she balances career, family & crossed into EDM

Plumb performs at the 13th Live In The Vineyard event.
Plumb performs at the 13th Live In The Vineyard event.
Eric Tuin

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Over the course of a Live In The Vineyard experience, all who attend are given the honor of enjoying some of the finest musicians and bands the industry offers, set in an intimate concert environment. But, as with the wine tastings in the vineyards, participants also get to sample a wide variety of new and upcoming talent as well. Co-founders, Claire Parr and Bobbii Hach-Jacobs capably predict with incredible accuracy the rising stars and the musical climate of the industry and that is exactly who they line up to perform at the LITV events twice a year.

Live In The Vineyard: Plumb performs emotional acoustic set on April 4, 2014
Eric Tuin

Plumb, (aka Tiffany Arbuckle) is by no means a newcomer to the music industry but has begun to make a tremendous ascent in recent months. You have likely already heard her music, whether it was a snippet of one of her singles being played on TV, her hauntingly crystalline vocals tracked on an EDM song, or on one of her hits on Christian and contemporary radio. Her stage presence is encompassing and her set at the Uptown Theater in Napa, CA left emotions raw and hearts soaring on her impressive vocal ability.

Afterwards, admittedly even I had to collect myself in order to go chat with her backstage. I found her as enamoring off stage as on. She graciously opened up about balancing her career with her children and young family, her experience at Live In The Vineyard, as well as her connection to Paul van Dyk and the pulsing EDM world.

Marian: With a flourishing music career and thriving family, how do you balance it all?

Plumb: I have to say I’m incredibly thankful for community and my incredible in laws. I have three small children, I have a nine, a seven and a five year old, two boys and a girl. I have my husband here. He’s a part of the management team. So, family and close friends and really being intentional. Like, you have to be really intentional with your time. I don’t know, in music I feel like time is in double speed. When you're in the studio, things go by faster, when you’re on tour, the day goes by faster. But then when you have other responsibilities that you don’t want to do, they seem to drag forever. Children grow up faster than you want them to, so if you’re not really intentional with all of that, it’s hard.

Marian: Let’s chat about what you have coming up in the near future. This album has been out for awhile, so can we anticipate some new music, touring?

Plumb: I’m doing some festivals and headlining a fall tour this year, but I’m also in the middle of finishing a book. It’s a little bit about what happened between my husband and I and a few other things. The book is more in the category of a memoir and comes out this fall. I’ll be promoting that while I’m on the tour as well. I’m actually going to take some time off. We’re going to go to Puerto Rico in a few few weeks just to be a family because the tour that I just came off of was like 57 cities. This (LITV) is like a treat, to actually do this doesn’t feel like work. I get to be in wine country and to just perform acoustically and really be able to talk about all the songs has been nice.

Marian: Yes, let’s talk about LITV. This is your first time performing here, correct?

Plumb: Yes

Marian: Have you been able to spend sometime taking the whole experience in?

Plumb: Yes, we got in yesterday and went to a delicious steak house last night, which was amazing! And it might have been the best steak I’ve ever had. Then my husband got in today, he wasn’t with us yesterday. It’s so beautiful! Our hotel is beautiful! You open up the doors in our hotel room and you see the river and the grapevines. It’s like you think it is in the movies. We’re spending more time here, tomorrow and the next day. We’re just going to hang out. Sarah McLachlan is probably one of my biggest influences so I’m excited that we get to be here and watch her play tomorrow night.

Marian: You have the same emotional impact on your audience. Your set literally mesmerized this Napa audience.

Plumb: Well thank you, that’s a huge compliment because she is an influence of mine.

Marian: I have one more quick question. I’m curious about your crossover into EDM. How did that happen?

Plumb: It’s interesting honestly. There’s not really a singular answer for that. There’s a combination of things. One of the most predominant reasons is that my A&R guy, that is his favorite music in the world. He has a really good ear for what key a song is in or the BPM’s the song is written in and it being remixable and that kind of thing. He has been really drawn to the way that I write and the way that I sing, saying that it accommodates that genre of music really well. He is really connected to all these remixers and producers. It only took a few of those doing well for it to catch on. To be able to collaborate with Paul van Dyk and different ones has just happened organically and it’s just nothing that’s been forced or chased after. It’s just kind of happened on its own. It’s a whole new level of excitement because artistically, you are who you are, but when it can take on a whole different demographic than what you’ve been pinpointing, it just makes it truly art. Like it really can truly be interpreted by the listener no matter what genre they are. I really have to give him (A&R guy) a lot of credit for that and now it is just kind of spreading. To be associated most heavily with one of the forefathers, Paul van Dyk, in doing that, I’m a little partial to that. It’s not like he’s jumping on the EDM band wagon. He kind of helped create it.