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Litton's, Fountain City

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Litton's Restaurant and Market


I am now thoroughly ashamed to say that I had never been to Litton's in Fountain City. Shame on me. What a treasure I have missed all these years. We get into our comfort zone and never leave our own area of town.

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Litton's is both a restaurant and a market. Patrons may eat in or carry out. Litton's market carries their own meats, burgers, fresh baked buns and desserts.

My husband and I drove to Fountain City to eat at Litton's and to carry home, what we had heard of as, the best red velvet cake ever. The Litton's complex is rather sprawling and the parking lot is tight. Finding the front door was not easy. Once in, we were quickly seated with menus and drinks.

My husband and I ordered a basket of onion rings as an appetizer. He ordered the Litton's burger with American cheese and french fries. I ordered the Fish burger platter. The Fish burger platter comes with cole slaw and I ordered french fries as my side.

The onion rings were very good. We pretty much snarfed those onion rings right down. They weren't the sheer perfection of my favorites from Pero's on the Hill, but they were very good.

Even though the Fish burger was very good, next time, I am going right for a Litton's burger. I much preferred my husband's Litton's burger over my Fish burger. The freshly baked buns add a great deal to the taste and are so soft. The burger meat was perfectly ground, cooked and seasoned.

As for the fries, I don't know why, but neither my husband nor I care for french fries cooked in peanut oil. To each his own, right. To both of us, they are limp and tasteless. For perspective, we both enjoy crinkle fries.

After lunch, we walked the few feet over to the dessert counter. Oh my gravy, what wonders were in the dessert counter. The desserts by Linda Jones are feats of perfection. We bought half of a red velvet cake at the exorbitant price of $28.00 and took it home.

Once home, we fell upon that three layer red velvet cake. I meant to photograph it, but....oops. I no longer feel $28.00 is exorbitant. That red velvet cake was worth every penny.

I would definitely make another trip Litton's for a burger, onion rings and the best red velvet cake ever!