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Little Red Cap: Grimm Brothers Brewhouse

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Little Red Cap


Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? After enough Altbiers, the residents of Düsseldorf, Germany aren’t afraid of anything—their hometown’s specialty beer is enough to give anybody an iron constitution. But what are American drinkers to do in the face of a lupine opponent? Luckily, Grimm Brothers Brewhouse has a Colorado-made, fortitude-building Altbier of their own and it’s themed to the wolf’s most famous foe: Little Red Cap (5.2% ABV).

Color: This particular cape has a bit of mud on it; it’s certainly red but it’s a brownish red. When held up to a light, Little Red Cap is revealed to be more akin to a darkish rosé wine cooler. Instead of a crimson hood, Little Red Cap is topped with barely-tan foam.

Aroma: Although it’s weak, there is a cherry-like aroma swirling about Little Red Cap. It’s almost like a toned-down Belgian yeast smell with sweetness and dark fruit scents arising in the complexly malty, caramel-y nose. As it warms, the beer’s fruity characteristics become even more pronounced. Again, these Belgian aromas are not dominant—merely present.

Taste: Little Red Cap is a delightfully subtle beer with essentially no aftertaste. There’s first a super-faint fruity flavor that gives way to a touch of black pepper and then a fleeting flare-up of herbal hops. As the beer warms, the hops become slightly more pronounced.

Mouthfeel: Both mildly viscous and dry, Little Red Cap feels like fast-evaporating, thin oil.

Wolves, dragons, trolls, no matter which vexing fairy tale creature comes to cause trouble, beer geeks will meet their adversaries with heroic daring so long as Little Red Cap is at their side. Pick up a six-pack of cans or a bomber bottle, either way Little Red will accompany one to safety through the dark woods.