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Little Moon Essentials is cream of the crop

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Little Moon Essentials Company


20 years ago, Laura Lamun, owner and founder of Little Moon Essentials went into business. Not just any business, but the business of helping others, using her extensive knowledge of herbs and the natural world. Every since age 13 Laura has been interested in flowers, herbs, and natural remedies. When other children were playing video games, she was in her room creating her own natural bath salts, herbal remedies and the like. When she was old enough to get a job she landed a job at a health food store/herbal shop in Colorado and an almost accidental sale of her handmade Ginger Bath Salt called, letting go, set her on the path.

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Laura says a dream told her how to cure herself of chronic eczema using ginger. She created her best seller, "Letting Go". A quick description of this product says, "Letting Go is a deeply warming ginger bath for relieving symptoms of cold & flu, sore muscles, chills, eczema, itching, overindulgence, depression, headaches, tension, and especially effective for cleansing during fasts and detoxes." Little Moon has all you need if you are looking for a natural remedy for pain, skin issues, headaches, fatigue problems, health issues, you name it, there are hundreds of products to choose from. Lotions and bath salts, scrubs and salves, balms and infusions!

Little Moon Essentials is located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and for such a small town this place simply rocks its foundation off! People from all over are visiting and coming back for more after that. The problem is, there is just one business in one state! We all need Little Moon and we all need Laura's healing products. Personally I have had the experience of trying many of her products and can say I have yet to be disappointed. Her Letting Go, ginger bath salt is simply to die for. If you are having some issues with your skin, Laura cured herself of her own skin issues, and you can too.

From her amazing Dream Cream, which is a pain relieving cream, to her amazing Sugar exfoliating scrub, this place has everything a natural therapist would need to help every patient that walked in the door! Personally, I am just amazed at such a wonderful selection that seems to always work. Laura has a great sense of nature, it's as if she was a physical part of nature in a previous life! She understands the flowers, the herbs and spices, this is how it is supposed to be, we are healthier when we are at one with nature. According to Little Moon Essentials, after 20 years the business is up for sale. So if you are in or around Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and looking to get into the business, contact Laura Lamun at (888) 273-0683.

If you would love to sample Little Moon products, I personally recommend the following: