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Listen to your favorite music with the iLuv Aud5 High Fidelity speakers

Compatible with the iPhone 5's Lightning port
Compatible with the iPhone 5's Lightning port

iLuv Aud5


If you're one of the millions of users who has an iPhone 5 with tons of music on it, chances are you've been looking for a way to blast your tunes for all the room to hear. As of yet, there aren't many options for docks that are built with Apple's new Lightning Port. Thankfully iLuv has you covered with their new Aud5 High Fidelity Speakers.

What is it?

The iLuv Aud5 High Fidelity Speaker is one of the first third party accessories that is compatible with the Lightning Dock. With it, you can charge your phone while playing music from its crisp sounding speakers. It also features an auxiliary port, in case you want to add a non-Apple device and play its music.

The Good

The Aud5 is currently in a lonely class, as there are very few speakers that are compatible with the Lightning Dock. This makes it one of the best by default. The sound quality is average at best and it gives some pretty good bass and volume. Users who have owned a device like this will pretty much be able to work it without the use of a manual; simply attach your phone and press play. The added convenience of the buttons at the top means you can control volume and tracks without touching the phone.

The Bad

Although the bass and volume are nice, the highs and lows are a little more than lacking. Yes, the speaker dock with a Lightning Port is a much needed accessory, however, it is practically impossible to attach your iPhone when it has a case on. If the dock had an adjustable width with which to accommodate the added bulk of cases, this product would be vastly improved.

Should you buy it?

The iLuv Aud5 High Fidelity Speaker with Lightning Dock is available for $129.99 at iLuv's website, which is a pretty reasonable price for this type of accessory. If you're desperate for a dock that charges and plays music from your iPhone 5, this is the dock to purchase. However, if you can make due without it, I recommend saving your money.