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Listen to the rules of survival or die ‘The Human Race’ movie review

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The Human Race


In the tradition of films and series like Battle Royale, Logan’s Run, and The Running Man comes the energetic sci fi thriller from director Paul Hough, The Human Race. Truly one of the more entertaining films so far in 2014 The Human Race is a journey to the death for 80 unsuspecting characters with one thing planted in their head “race or die!”.

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While that statement is untrue (there are actually 3 things) The Human Race is a perplexed mystery that shows the extreme depths humans would go through when placed in an immoderate and unruly situation. The film stars Eddie McGee and Paul McCarthy-Boyington as two regular guys going about their day when they are warped into some crude area where the rules are simple: race or die; step in the grass you die; don't follow the arrows you die; get lapped twice...well you die!

Immediately you feel the panic of the flock of strangers as they try to process it all with some making a few fatal mistakes along the way. As the numbers die down the true terror evolves as we move from a Scanners styled offering to more of a battle to the death between all involved.

McGee’s work in The Human Race is prodigious as he brings a calmness to his role that had to be difficult in the exhausting concept. Still he proves to be a great leading man and really kept the film together on times where ideas could have been lost. The sheer evil that is displayed in the film is very apprehensive when faced with a result of lost hope. Director Paul Hough creates a labyrinth for the film but the characters involved truly bring out the best in The Human Race. There is almost a comic book feel as you anticipate what will happen next.

Truly the only downfall to the film was its rushed ending. There could be more to this story and we find that out as soon as the race is over. The issue is that there was so much unexplained during the first parts of the flick that the ending seemed hastily put together. When you find out who is behind the ordeal it may be painfully obvious, but the inclusion of the extra CG to reach this effect was minimal. It was a big let down but not so much to deter us from recommending this film. But as stated earlier this could lead to a great graphic novel with all that surrounds the tale.

The Human Race is explosion of sci fi grittiness and paranoid chaos. It’s unique in a sense that this could have been some end of the world movie filled with strangers in a bunker. Lucky for us it was not. The Human Race allowed its characters to make choices and have range that most do or die films never achieve. For those reasons and more you should give this film your time!

The Human Race is now available in limited theaters, VOD and Itunes. It is directed by Paul Hough and stars Paul McCarthy-Boyington, Eddie McGee, Trista Robinson, T. Arthur Cottam, Fred Coury and Richard Gale. It is being released courtesy of Xlrator Media.


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