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Lionsgate brings You’re Next to Blu-ray and DVD

You're Next


The horror genre has continued to struggle over the years with only a few really standing out. For the most part they seem to be just rehashing the same stories or remaking stuff left and right as opposed to delivering something original. The latest You’re Next has been sitting on the shelf for a couple of years, but it finally got it’s chance to slash its way onto the big screen, with gory results. For those who failed to catch it during it’s run in theaters, you can now bring the terror home on Blu-ray and DVD.

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You’re Next follows a family getting together for the first time in a long while, but the struggling family event is cut short when a gang of masked ax and crossbow-wielding murderers descend upon them, but as they fight to stay alive against these ruthless killer they soon realize one of their guests proves to be the most talented killer of all. This is easily one of the best horror slasher types flicks to come along in some time. Sure there are some weak performances here and there, but nothing that hinders the overall film. The story is paced well and actually takes some time to let you get to know the characters a bit without ever thrusting too much unnecessary information. The first bit of the film does move a bit slow, but it helps to set the tone of things to come and when they start it’s a bloody home run. There are some great gore moments and creative fun kills that are sure to not only please the usual gore hounds, but also use the slow build to the more entertaining ones as the film progresses. The film works perfectly making sure to build the tension slowly and speeding things up when needed. They have crafted a brilliant score here that has a 70s horror vibe that sets the tone for every seen and making them that much more effective. For these movies you always have to have a great memorable killer and while they kept it simple, those animal masks are effective and creepy creating a great tone to their presence.

This is an excellent addition to the horror genre that not only follows all of the old school horror rules, but also just gives you the feel of those same films with its execution. There are a few predictable moments later in the film, but they still manage to deliver that fun you are looking for. Sure if this one is successful there is no doubt someone will try to figure out a way to make another, but this one leaves itself with somewhat of an ending that hopefully they will let it just end on the brilliantly gory and fun high note that it is. In addition the during credits sequence showcasing the actors from the film is pretty damn awesome as well.

In addition to this fun filled gore fest this Blu-ray includes numerous special features including commentaries, theatrical trailer, and a making of featurette. Prepare for the home invasion and grab your copy of You’re Next available now.