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Lionsgate brings I, Frankenstein to Blu-ray and DVD

I, Frankenstein


There have been a lot of new takes on classic monsters through the years with some working and others failing miserably. When the Underworld franchise launched in 2003 it was met with mixed reviews, but found an audience putting new life in the vampire and werewolf genres. Now the creator of the series Kevin Grevioux, who also played Raze in the film, is bringing his graphic novel twist of another classic monster to life with I, Frankenstein, but does it pack the same punch as the Underworld films or should it have never been animated to life?

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I, Frankenstein follows Frankenstein’s monster that has been roaming the Earth for centuries and finds him caught in an ancient war between demons and gargoyles for the fate of the world. If you didn’t know the creator of Underworld was behind this it wouldn’t take you long to figure it out as it is almost the same story. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but does make it feel less inspired and rehashed. That doesn’t mean it’s not a fun movie because it is. It’s one of those that you just watch for the popcorn mindless fun of it all instead of looking for anything deep. There isn’t much new to the character here other than turning him more into more of a hero and less monster, but that works fine for this story. Aaron Eckhart really seems to be trying to make this character work and does a fine job. His look isn’t as monstrous as it probably should have been and instead of looking like someone that was made, instead looks more like someone that has been through a war. His visual scars should have been a bit more prominent to make this work a better as there are times that they seem to almost disappear. The rest of the cast is pretty hit and miss with Underworld alumni Bill Nighy seemingly the only person really having a good time. The story works fine, but would have been so much better had they just focused on the war and creature as opposed to trying to incorporate in an updated twist on the Dr. Frankenstein experiments. Despite the issues with the story this film it is clear that this film is more about the action and there is plenty of it. Most of it was well done and fun to watch except where the CGI got in the way. The gargoyle designs and effects of the demon were pretty cool, but more often than not the effects never really felt anything more than just that.

This is one of those movies that you just have to go in expecting a cheesy popcorn action monster flick and even then it will most likely be met with mixed results. Clearly it was meant to be a set up for another which might have given them a chance to do something more interesting with the character, but it may not get the chance. In addition to the film this Blu-ray includes commentary, ‘Creating a Monster’ featurette and ‘Frankenstein’s Creatures’ featurette. Join the war of the monsters when I, Frankenstein hits Blu-ray and DVD on May 2nd.

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