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Lionsgate and A&E bring Wahlburgers the complete first season to DVD

Wahlburgers complete first season


Reality televisions has taken over the airwaves over the years and while it used to just feature the strange and bizarre, it has since began catching the eye of celebrities to bring their rea lives to the fans in various ways. While everyone knows of the famed brothers Mark Wahlberg and Donnie Wahlberg, and while the latest series Wahlburgers features both of them, the focal point is their chef brother Paul Wahlberg. Now A&E and Lionsgate are bringing the series home with Wahlbrugers the complete first season to DVD.

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The series follows the family run restaurant Wahlburgers with Paul taking the lead as the superstar chef and work horse to keep it working with Donnie and Mark helping the business side and their mom Alma holding it all together. While the series does spend a lot of time focusing on their growing restaurant business, but e4ven more so on the family dynamic which is want the fans really want anyway. A lot of these shows tend to advertise the supposed celebrities and end up hardly being in the show, but here all three of the Wahlbergs are there every episode in different capacities making it more compelling to see them in the normal world. This series isn’t breaking any new ground in the genre, but if you are a fan of any or all of them it works pretty well. It never feels like they set a bunch of scenarios up but you never know, but it is done well enough that it at least feels authentic. In addition fans of the popular series Entourage will get to meet the real life entourage that the show is based on with all of them making regular appearances around the series as well as a few other recognizable faces.

This isn’t one of those reality shows looking for a laugh, but instead just lets things happen organically and make it all about their family. You will either be entertained or not, they let it be what it is and not some over the top insanity like most reality shows. This DVD features all 9 episodes of the first season as well as bonus featurettes not seen on TV. If you haven’t seen the show this is the perfect time to get caught up before the new season kicks off August 13th.

Join the Wahlberg family for dinner when Wahlburgers the complete first season comes to DVD on July 22nd.

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