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Lint - from the dryer to unique wall art

Slater Barron's Lint Art
Slater Barron's Lint Art
Slater Barron

The Lint Lady


Being an artist myself and fascinated by mixed media art and collages, I especially appreciate the work of Long Beach, California resident, Slater Barron.

Making lemonade when given lemons, Slater, also known as “The Lint Lady”, decided to use the extensive amount of lint she collected from her dryer, caused by many loads of laundry which she was faced with at the time.

What at first in 1974 seemed to be a practical idea for creating unique art with recycled material became helpful years later when the artist had to deal with the emotional effect of both her parents’ suffering from dementia. Her work created from layers of lint in various tones and colors resembles paintings, many of which featuring her mother going through stages of Alzheimer’s. Using lint as medium for this Special Series of her art has a deeper meaning for Slater, as to her, layers of lint in washed out colors symbolize the process of her mother’s memory slowly fading away.

In 1987-88 Slater Barron was honored as Distinguished Artist of the Year by the Long Beach PCA Cultural Arts Commission. Her art collections, which include sculptures, installations, poetic collages, books and photography, have been exhibited at Museums, Cultural Centers and Galleries throughout California and were part of numerous TV shows and special presentations.

A list of private collections and commissions is available on demand.

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Slater Barron/The Lint Lady