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Linkin Park: ‘The Hunting Party’ album review

album cover
album cover

Linkin Park - The Hunting Party (Warner Bros.)


Linkin Park delve back into their guitar-driven roots with their newest album, aptly titled "The Hunting Party" with angst ridden songs attacking labels, the government, and ex-lovers.

While the songs still hint at current sounds with synthesizers and electronic beats, the overall feel is more raw than we have heard the band in a long time, with layers from hard punk to their classic nu metal spark.

The punktastic “Keys To The Kingdom” start the album with Bennington screeching “No control! No surprise!” with head-banging drums quickly following behind it.

The album also includes some guest appearances starting with the second song “All For Nothing” with Helmet’s Page Hamilton lending vocals and guitars on the chorus. The band are back to form on the song, leaving room for Shinoda to breathe and break through.

Other guests on the album include hip-hop icon Rakim on the industry-attacking “Guilty All The Same”, and System of a Down’s Daron Malakian on the anthemic “Rebellion”.

Other highlights from the album include the punk driven “War”, the moodier and more modern Linkin Park sounding “Until It’s Gone”, and the government tirade fueled closer “A Line In The Sand”.

"The Hunting Party" is also a new era for the band as it being their first in 10 years without super-producer Rick Rubin, with all the songs being self-produced. While skimming on their more popular sound though, "The Hunting Party" may be Linkin Park’s best and most honest album to date.