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Linger Brunch Crepe
Linger Brunch Crepe
Camilla Carboni

Linger Denver


An old mortuary headquarters turned restaurant extraordinaire, Linger Denver continues to turn heads and draw lines at all hours of the day.

Reservations are always recommended, whether you are planning on brunching, lunching or dining; the word has spread and the consistently high standards make Linger one of Denver’s hottest spots.

The fact that it’s located in a thriving neighborhood and has a large rooftop patio with a splendid city view still doesn’t half describe the appeal of Linger, which lies primarily in nothing less that it’s exceptional food and cocktails.

From Black Ink Burger buns to Devils on Horseback, and Chili Paneer to Falafel Lettuce Wraps, there’s nothing short of creativity or deliciousness on this Street Food inspired menu. Plus, the small plates make trying more options more viable and all the more rewarding.

If you haven’t yet given Linger a try, it’s well worth the visit; at the very least for happy hour, where half-priced plates and complimentary spiced popcorn pair fabulously with the Linger drink list.

If you’re not too engrossed in the food and atmosphere, you might even notice that the collateral pays homage to the building’s mortuary heritage and the setting and menu substitution options to Denver’s health-conscious trend.

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