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Lindsey Stirling Plays a Nearly Sold-Out Show at the Paramount Theater

Lindsey Stirling Lights Up The Paramount Stage
Lindsey Stirling Lights Up The Paramount Stage
Briana Proud

Lindsey Stirling


This last Wednesday May 21st Lindsey Stirling, the dancing dubstep violinist, enchanted the stage of the Paramount Theater. Her show was originally set to take place at the Showbox; however, after tickets sold out and the demand for more continued, it was decided that the show would be moved to the Paramount to accommodate additional people. While standing in line for the show—a line that stretched across two city blocks—I couldn’t help but notice the stunning variety in the crowd that awaited Lindsey. Everything from straight-edge to indie to emo-punk. Pikachu backpacks. Cat ears. Dyed hair. A dressed up mother-and-daughter-outing. A couple’s date night. It simply speaks to the fact that Lindsey Stirling’s style and performance truly offers something for everyone.

Lindsey Stirling herself has become a recent Youtube celebrity after being voted off America’s Got Talent in 2010. A classically trained violinist and avid dancer, she began creating Youtube music videos that showcased both her dancing skills and quirky artistic visions. It becomes apparent from her channel that she loves video games, dress up, and all kinds of fantasy. Seamlessly blending musical elements from the Celtic and Electronica genres while dancing gracefully across the screen, she has been called the electro-pastoral rave fairy.

She has covered everything from the Zelda and Pokémon theme songs, but her latest album “Shatter Me,” featured at this performance, delves deeper into more serious emotions and topics. At the concert, she explained how she wrote the song “Take Flight” upon hearing the story of a young male fan who tried to commit suicide after being bullied at school. She hopes this song can be a call to others to reach beyond dark times to find hope. While performing her album’s namesake, “Shatter Me,” clips from her own music video were displayed on the screen. In the video, she is dressed as a mechanical ballerina trying to break out of the safety of her glass globe—Stirling confirms that this song is about her trying to break through her own fears of change and taking risks.

The show was opened by band Archis, featuring frontwoman Dia Frampton, a strong singer who provides the vocals for Stirling’s “We Are Giants.” The stage set-up was fantastic for Stirling. Unfortunately, a 15 by 15 foot wall of speakers on either side limited visibility, while standing in the back meant you could see only Stirling’s head floating above the audience’s heads. However, this may have been due to last minute preparations caused by the venue shift. On the other hand, the visuals were mesmerizing, mixing nature themes with fantasy. They were projected on several large screens including one giant circular screen set in the middle. The circular screen leant itself well to the psychedelic visuals that would surround Stirling if viewed from head on, sometimes providing a beautiful silhouette contrast when the lights were low. Her energy was uncontrollably infectious as she was able to join her two male dance partners in several of the choreographed numbers, participating in lifts, kicks, and jumps across the stage, all without missing a beat on her violin. The trio donned several different coordinated costumes for the themed numbers; one song they were dressed all in black light reflective clothing, another they were pirates. Lindsey Stirling is a wholly unique talent, elegantly combining dramatic theatrics with stunning musical talent, and a joy to watch live. I believe she has more than earned her place at the prestigious Paramount Theater in Seattle.

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