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Lily Allen Smiles on Sheezus

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Lily Allen slams all sorts of artists on her third studio album, 'Sheezus,' as she is more outspoken and opinionated than ever since marriage and motherhood. Many thought marriage and a baby would tame her mouth a bit, but clearly it's the opposite on this album. Allen has always been labeled as the rebellious pop star who isn't afraid of reaming celebrities of all sorts a new asshole. Not only can Allen dish dirt on the most obnoxious public figures plastered all over the Internet, she's got the chops to really say whatever she wants. 'Sheezus' is her most creative and upbeat album to date, filled with soothing hooks and catchy versus.

'Sheezus' takes listeners on a wild ride filled with electro, dub-step and unique pop beats. She gets high on her 'Air Balloon' and pokes fun at the obsession of social media on 'Insincerely Yours' (sounds like an urban take on Nate Dogg and Warren G's mega-hit, Regulator's) and 'URL Badman,' a funky, folky story of our fixation on peoples lives. Allen finally seems to have reached utter happiness as she gushes about her husband, success and life on the clouds. It's wonderfully brilliant how she incorporates her crazy wit with her love and passion towards her family.

Whether or not you care for Lily Allen, she's proven to the music industry that she's here to stay and doesn't give a flying you know what about what we think. She's clearly here to make money, money money and will keep drifting through the clouds doing so.