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Lights! Camera! Murder! by Loni Emmert

An Abigail Whitefeather Mystery!
An Abigail Whitefeather Mystery!
Cover illustration and book design by S. A. Reilly; Copyright: hilliardand Kit

Lights! Camera! Murder!


Lights! Camera! Murder! is Loni Emmert’s second cozy mystery and features the beautiful but troubled Abigail Whitefeather Hale. Emmert’s early years working on movie sets and at film studios makes the setting for the book a natural selection for this author, and the Hollywood trivia is a nice segue into each chapter. With multiple suspects from which to choose, and a plot that twists and turns, this one will keep you guessing right to the end!

Abigail Hale never imagined that, at age 40, she would be facing life without her husband of twenty years and moving to Hollywood California to pursue a lifelong dream of becoming an actress. No, Abigail’s husband didn’t die but, like many middle-aged men, took up a hobby in the form of a young blond. Subsequently, Abigail was faced with the task of rebuilding her life at a time when she thought she’d be spending her empty nest years with her partner. After only a couple of weeks in Hollywood, Abigail lands a small role in a daytime soap. By all accounts, it looks like her luck is changing until the star of the soap, Dirk Saunders, is found dead outside her apartment the morning after dining with her. To make matters worse, she seems to be the next target. Now Abigail must find the killer before she becomes the next victim!

Emmert has created a main character we can’t help but admire. Abigail Hale is truly flawed which is what makes her so relatable to the reader. She’s unsure of herself and of her feelings and is always second guessing herself. She is confused and attracted to two men; apprehensive of one because of his stalker-like tendencies and jealous streak. She is determined to find Dirk’s real killer even though pursuing this could get her killed which is what drives the plot along in this suspenseful thriller!

Lights! Camera! Murder! is published by Hilliard & Harris and released October 2010. It is available for purchase through, Goodreads, and at other select bookstores.

Loni Emmert is also co- author of the Button Hollow Chronicles #1: The Leaf Peeper Murders, a cozy mystery released October 2010. She is a member of Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America.

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