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Light up your weekend at GlowGolf in Springfield, Missouri

GlowGolf in Springfield, MO


In a world where technology is overtaking the world by leaps and bounds, there is one realm of normalcy that really hasn't been altered. That was until the day I stepped into a mini-golf oasis, GlowGolf in Springfield, Missouri.

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I decided it was about time to take my son out for some one-on-one time while he was out of school one weekend and GlowGolf seemed like the perfect place to spend a lovely Saturday in the Ozarks. Take a ride with us as we enter GlowGolf in Springfield, Missouri.

GlowGolf looks like any other mini-golf place on the map. It has the putting lanes, snack areas and is fun for all ages. What makes this one so out of this world is the fact that it is all black lit! The putting lanes, golf balls, bumpers and walls are decorated to the nines with black light artwork and paint that truly sets quite a spectacle. My son’s eyes became as big as saucers as soon as we walked in the door. Two aspects we really didn't partake in during this visit were the Laser Maze and 3Kick area. Both of these though upon talking to one of the associates are quite the hit with the teenage crowd.

Price wise, it’s super reasonable to play the mini-golf. It boils down to getting three games for one price. Adults are only $8. Children five to twelve are only $6. Senior citizens and children under four are only $3. The Laser Maze and 3Kick are priced together as one game for three dollars, two games for five dollars and five games for ten dollars. Truly all around it a place for kids of all ages, young and old to have a fun and exciting time with their family.

The joy in my sons eyes that day as we played three games of mini-golf in this black light arena made my heart soar. I have never seen this child smile this proudly and actually have fun playing mini-golf. Most of the time, sadly, he would get frustrated and give up halfway through one round. He trudged through and made it through every hole, laughing all the way. All in all, it’s a great family fun area and should definitely be on the must see list for your vacation if visiting Springfield, Missouri!