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'Lifeguard (1976)' Movie Review: Life is a beautiful sunset

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'Lifeguard (1976)'


Rick (Sam Elliot) is just a simple mid 30's lifeguard. He has been doing the same job since high school. His life is simple and beautiful. He's not rich. He drives a nice car and his home is a bachelor pad. He goes out and stumbles through one relationship after another. Until he gets that letter in the mail about that announcement of his 15th high school reunion. He talks it over with his fellow lifeguard and friend Chris (Parker Stevenson). Chris says yeah go for it see what everyone is doing.

Now Rick is sitting at his lifeguard stand and he's watching the sunset on another beautiful day at the beach. A teeny bopper comes by to talk and Rick is kind but is not interested in her advances. Wendy (Kathleen Quinlan) really has the hots for our lifeguard. Rick keeps it cool and heads home. He arrives to an empty home and an empty life. Nothing has changed for him since high school, he's thinking hard about that reunion he finally makes that decision and he does make it to the reunion.

In high school Rick and his girlfriend Cathy (Anne Archer) were a hot item. Everybody thought they would marry and settle down for a long life together. It didn't happen and both know why. Rick talks to another high school bud and Larry (Stephen Young)is a hot shot car salesman. He hears Rick say that he is still a lifeguard and immediately does the sales job of the dreaded dead end job. Larry does his best to get Rick to come into cars sales.

You guessed it the lovebirds rekindle. Rick does look into the idea of selling cars but you are going to have to watch to see how it all ends. There always comes a time in a persons life when they just second guess as to whether the course of their life is what they wanted. This is what happens to our lifeguard.

Director Daniel Petrie does an excellent job with this mid life crisis as film. The actors fit very neatly into their roles. This is one of those must see movies and its not bad. It is very entertaining and the Pacific is beautiful. So take the time some hot summer Sunday afternoon to watch an enjoyable little movie.