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'Life Or Something Like It'

A man she deep down her heart knows she must love, she has to go through death and a rainbow to love him back.


By Julie D. Griffin

As the critic speaks of the lauded use of psychoanalytical interpretation by Sigmund Freud, the psychopathy of everyday life slot the year 1901 still applies just as much as the elementary things of the most infamous film of the flame of love burning.
Julie Griffin

"Are we in love? What is it that connects us? What is ongoing to keep us together for ten or thirty years? What is it about our dreams, our values, our beliefs," asks Angelina Joline. Her loser rich guy advises her that the reason he got together with her was so they would not have to talk about such emotional things. As a high school boy goes right past her as she does that thing where a young girl, alone believes he saw and glances her way to stop and talk to her. A wallflower syndrome only a temporary grace, a woman who takes and makes the most of her intellect during these hours, soon realizes just as Angelina Jolie (Television Reporter, Lanie Kerrigan) that all of those hours spent with a book as opposed to a date meant only one thing. Intellect makes a woman more, not less beautiful. And now with the power to figure all things lovely out, a woman who knows how to read also knows how to read the instructions which describe steps one though five on the blond hair dye bottle, how to discern a three-hundred dollar $5 seersucker three-piece designer suit from peer mothball basement trash at the local thrift shop, and which fast food frozen box ingredients mean more pounds or less. And ironically enough, although a man who named Jack as Hebrew prophet opens his arms up to the heavens to predict the future of everyone, the homeless guy has more salt than most of the mass group of strangers drifting around the news crew of Lanie. Prophet Jack who comes from a long ancestry of anchorites predicts a series of events which all come forth, yet he finally uses his prophesies to lead Lanie to her true love. But first, he predicts her death and you just have to watch the film to find out how that fact comes true.

The factual basis for the indemnity, as the critic speaks even on the lauded use of psychoanalytical interpretation by Sigmund Freud, the psychopathy of everyday life slot the year 1901 still applies just as much as the elementary things of the most infamous film of the flame of love burning of all time Casablanca. And as everyone who has ever known real love knows, a kiss is not just a kiss for a one who feels that love, and a day for such ones seems to go by like a flash. After Lanie finds some concern that her life has gone by like this, and as most who must face immortality, the very thing you thought would destroy you forever, you find gives a drink from the fountain of youth instead, a luxury afforded only to those who mailed those postcards on the naked edge and lived a tale of death and went on.

Fortified strawberry wine and the death instinct a large part of the late novels of Dickens, the prophet warns her she must get through them all, the slay predication of every literary great whose measurement dark within a week. He fights the desire to know predictions for lotto numericals, and if she finds a way to prove him wrong just once, he will take away her prophetic death sentence and let her live. I can do this. And do this she does, as the role Angelina Jolie does more than just a mere imitation of, she wears as sure as the fur coat wrapped around her during the film, and as some foreign being whose planet sent her here just for the reason, the prophet actually senses more than just a mere affection and care for her. In the end, you realize that the love she gave saves her and with the whole analogy an unexpected turn of the screw she begins to learn things she never knew she knew. And while the prediction of the prophet borders on real event shakes, her story varies form as she defines her life going from perfect to a greased sugar donut, and that her desire for life a departure from the classic film critique meaning. And for all films which reflect upon a great literary work of which own a theme of darkness or death, that you run your own life, and make your own fate and death, the film helps one to look at choices made. She finds a view for love and the meaning behind her choice of love for a man who considers himself something different, which society may decide to label less a lie. The film brings up the issue of the way that all of life at times seem a lonely walk late at a winter cold evening, but not always. And just enough to prepare you for the one big day slowly by sound bites. Joline plays a perfected part as a young woman who although she has everything she ever wanted, takes time for love and social choices, and as the story scripts her wise decision to look for a man with her same social values who you have to watch the film for to find out if she finds him ~ As her sister within her big mansion tells her, oh yeah, everything is just peachy here in wonderland.