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'Life After People'

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An earth void of all human existence may mean a whole different reality.


By Julie D. Griffin

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As several of the infamous Coast To Coast show hosts often explore, if the earth someday ever finds the continents without viable people, what the situation may mean to for example the New York City, N.Y. subways alone, a reality hard to imagine. One astrophysicist and author asserted that apocalypse and armageddon mean things more scientific than once thought. As opposed to Hoover Dam, one year after people, one power plant operator said that even if humans disappeared, just like with some situations, the plant and animal world would take over just as perhaps during time gone past. Independently. The family dog which some 400-million rampant now would make global multiplication at a rate unprecedented since time began. Fortunately, a hierarchy of power among the dogs may form an enigma much akin to the bilateral management order coyote and wolves so very much love to inhabit, according to Dartmouth intellect and also Biologist, Ray Lopinjer.

At the same time, rats and mice always secretly dependent on people, would become the next emerging group of armies, and begin an immediate and well-organized attack on pantries, homes and grocery stores. Cardboard, cloth and glue the next target according to the weighty documentary film, the same type of generalist rodent groups may also make a return to the wild jungle and forest kind of lifestyle, and thus abandon and reject the daily rat race of a yuppie city daily grind to compete for reserves among each other with the greater freedom and low stress a countryside demeanor may provide. The very thought presents a whole new world and much different than the one we presently inhabit. Clover would flourish at first ~ And to imagine the streets of Wall Street and Nassau flooded with ivy gardens, a league of flower patches and developing streams and rivers actually brings a kind of nouveau ideal of the thus changed view of earth to the forefront of the mind. After a thousand fields of dandelion coating growing over each town and established city, even trees growing right up through the midst of a giant office building where the deer and antelope once again roam brings all new meaning to the first reason Rome burned of an ancient time, according to Gordon Masterton. Finally, a biological endemic with all human beings no longer the occupants of earth, and most the result of faulty city design, pigeons may finally flourish and live the seagull freedom lifestyle the dear creatures always did desire. Most biologists agree that the plant and animal population although a certain at-first found difficulty may soon encircle that way around earth, populate and do well as would all remaining and other tropical species based abroad.