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Liberty Saturdays the Latest Big Dance Party in NYC

The Liberty Theater is the perfect setting for a gay dance party
John Myers

Liberty Saturdays at Liberty Theater, 234 W.41st St., New York, NY


It seems the newest and hottest thing in gay nightlife in New York City these days is no longer the seven-day-a-week nightclub, but the once-weekly gay dance party. Big, glitzy spectacles with hard-driving beats, V.I.P. sections, guest hosts and deejays, and beautiful people are jammed with club goers who come to see and be seen at these latest of hotspots that the city has to offer.

Alan Pincus, Justin Luke and their BoiParty crew have been teaming up with other New York City promoters to charge up this latest trend of the weekly dance party. Their events Berlin Fridays, with Brandon Voss and Viva Saturdays with John Blair have been packing them in for months, and their latest resurrection of Penthaus Thursdays at the Copacabana should no doubt extend the party circuit weekend to another night.

One of the newest weekly dance parties in the city is Liberty Saturdays, which takes place at the Liberty Theater on 41st Street. I had the opportunity to attend its sophomore week last Saturday, May 17th and I had a blast. Renowned deejay Hector Fonseca shared the turntables with Dutch duo Chocolate Puma and the three of them simply rocked the house.

The venue is perfect for such a New York City party, cavernous and with plenty for the eyes to take in, from the giant globe that hung above the dance floor to outlandish characters mulling about and entertaining from the rafters above to vivacious drag queens and of course, beautiful people. Despite claims that some rival promoters had been spreading nasty rumors about fire alarms and such at Liberty's debut the week before, the place was packed with people having a good time.

Fonseca said of Liberty on his Facebook page, "...this is the best sound system I've heard in this city since Twilo! And the space is simply breathtaking. The crowd was stunning and just good energy all around." I have to agree!

So it looks like these gay dance parties are the new ticket for nightclubbing in New York City. Gone are the days of Splash and the short-lived XL, and in are the weekly dance parties like Penthaus Thursdays, Berlin Fridays, and Viva and now Liberty Saturdays. They've still got that same feeling of NYC clubs, only bigger and badder. Click on the links within to check them all out.

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