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'LHHATL' Pregnancy Tests, Side Chicks and Cheaters

Check out what you missed!
Check out what you missed!



"Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" aired tonight and now everyone knows for sure who the pregnant woman was from trailer: The Bam.

Mimi and Nikko sex chronicles: The drama continues with these two as Nikko and Mimi are driving around in Mimi's new Audi Mid-size SUV (money from Vivid perhaps?) and the drama is real. Nikko obliviously brags about how he tells Stevie J. that the couple signed a deal for the tape and of course temperamental Mimi pulls over, has a few choice words while expressing her undying fear of Stevie and hops out of her own ride to blow some steam. Nikko's fifteen minutes of fame are up in this episode and quite frankly, this examiner is glad!

Stevie J and Joseline: The newlyweds are still in holy matrimony this episode but minus the drama from the last with Erica and Arianne. After Joseline asked that Stevie's "baby momma" not be brought up under their roof, Stevie naturally brings her up again. He tells Joseline about the deal and the comedic situation enters one of Joseline's ears and out the other. In other news, she is concerned about Benzino's new woman Althea. Somehow, Joseline now loves Zino after having cussing at him in the last season but bygones will be bygones. The four friends go out on a double date primarily because Joseline wanted to make sure Althea was not hanging around to get to her man....(really?) Althea passes the test and she is now considered cool. Benzino and Stevie J. come up with the idea to open their own bar/lounge.

Stevie J. meets up with the intolerant Mimi. No doubt she is already under a lot of stress due to negative publicity but to make matters worse, Stevie is still throwing insults. Mimi then storms out of the meeting with Stevie J. after stating she will meet Stevie anywhere he wants if he would like to see his daughter.

Karlie Redd and Yung Joc and Jeremih: If this is not scripted then that will come as a surprise to most! The relationship that is supposedly over six months old, comes to a halting end when Joc breaks it off with distrustful Karlie who is constantly seen questioning odors from his "man". She set Joc up to see herself and R&B artist Jeremih in close encounters at a recording studio. After having an argument that dragged to the parking lot, viewers were glad to see that over.

Lil' Scrappy and Bambi: Putting her bicycle egg hunting antics on pause. Bambi takes a pregnancy test which is later revealed to be positive. Scrappy meets up with Erica Pinkett who is trying to steal Bambi's love but fails at her candlelit romance attempts. We should point out the for the second time, Lil' Scrappy has been called out for propositioning while he is in a "relationship" with Bambi. Erica confronts him about his three a.m. text just as the mother of his daughter, the other Erica did. Will Bambi care? Probably not. Just more air time for her!

Erica and O'Shea the Struggling Model: Yung Joc and Karlie Redd double date with Erica and her "new boo" to a bowling alley. Besides the fact that the model takes off his shirt to roll a gutter ball and wears a hat that reads "O'shea the Model" it is quite obvious what his intentions are: to get exposure. Did we mention he offered to pick up the bill and then asked Erica if she brought her card? Erica had a few things to say about that but we applaud her for sticking it out with a struggling model. Kind of.

Kirk and Rasheeda: There is not much to tell here. Rasheeda has the G-wagon we saw from last season and decides to hit the gym to complete the package of looking great. She also tells Kirk she would like to get back to the studio to pay some bills to cover the cute Karter. Of course he disagrees. Kirk is back to the person most women immediately hated in the last season by flirting with and hiring the waitress from a restaurant to be a nanny. Meanwhile Benzino warns him to steer clear of hurting his wife and burns the test results proving that Kirk is the father of baby Karter. Kirk seems to have a knack for creating drama but audiences have to think, what are the odds of meeting a gorgeous waitress who is willing to come with you and baby-sit your son after she has just met you? Scripted or nah?

Be the judge!

It is apparent that Bambi is not pregnant currently, looking at her Instagram page, so did she have a miscarriage, false positive or an abortion?

Does Joseline really have something to worry about with Althea and what would happen if she finds out her hubby and Althea were involved?

Is Mimi being portrayed as the angry woman of the show or is that who she really is now?

Let us hear your thoughts below!

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