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Lewis Black: Old Yeller Live at the Borgata comes to DVD

Lewis Black Old Yeller Live at the Borgata


Comedian Lewis Black has been bringing his own brand of truth to the masses for years with hilarious results. His latest special, Lewis Black: Old Yeller (Live at the Borgata in Atlantic City), is no exception taking on everything from politics to healthcare, parenting and so much more, but does he still bring his usual sharp witted delivery or has he lost a step once and for all?

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As with any comedian that has been doing it as long as Black has he steps onto stage and brings the laughs with little struggle. His brand of humor is an acquired taste on some levels due to the subject matter, but his direction of speaking truth through personal annoyance makes for some funny stuff. What makes his humor work so well is that there are so many moments of common sense and issues that we all have with everything that you can relate to what he is ranting about. On the flip side he plays up his generation gap and the clear confusion with technology and annoyance with the younger generation that further steps up the laughs.

Let’s be honest the people that are going to check out this special are those that are likely already fans of Black and already know what they are going to get. This is just another notch of comedy genius on his belt that further shows why his unique style is all his own and delivers on almost every level. Those that have either never been a fan or hadn’t had the chance to see him do his thing are encouraged to check it out when Lewis Black: Old Yeller (Live at the Borgata in Atlantic City) hits DVD on May 6th.

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