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Letting Go: A Short Story by Roxy Boroughs

Cover to Roxy Boroughs Letting Go
Roxy Boroughs

Letting Go by Roxy Boroughs


This short story Letting Go by Roxy Boroughs is a great little book. The pain that the main character goes through is very vital to the overall composition of the short story. The descriptions of the scenes are described very well as the reader can imagine to protagonist going through the various emotions in the story. Although when the reader finishes the short story there is not really a conclusion and the reader wants to know what happens to the woman.

There are two key emotions presented in this short story. The first emotion is sadness and this is seen because of the death of a character. The protagonist was very close to the person who died so it affected her entire world. The main character seemed to have a breakdown of sorts as she tries to figure out who she is now that someone close to her has passed away. The second emotion used in this short story is wonder. There is a wonder in this short story because as she deals with the grief of losing someone close to her she is able to slow figure out what is going to happen next in her life. Overall, this was a great little book and it was enjoyable. In a way one may want the story to be a little longer, but sometimes books are great just the way the author wrote them.