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Let Whistle tell you about your dog

The Whistle Activity Monitor


We have all heard the saying “Whistle while you work”. Well, now, your dogs’ collar can do the same for him or her. Well it may not whistle, but the Whistle can track your dogs’ day; activities, rest, etc.

The authors dog sporting the Whistle dog monitor
Andrew Weiner

Your dog gives unconditional love, un-announced tail wags, kisses and just makes your life that much better. That’s just when you are around.

Now, with the Whistle Dog Activity Monitor, you can see what Fido or Fifi (Gizmo in the authors case) does the other eight to ten hours a day.

The on-collar device monitors your pooch's activity 24/7, including walks, play, and rest. The data is then accessible via iPhone, allowing you to track trends, set goals, and even share information with your vet.

The Whistle is waterproof and boasts a 10-day battery life. It also incorporates wireless syncing capability that allows you to upload data via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

It is compatible with both iOS and Android, via apps from their respective stores. You can even share the data socially so everyone else is in the know that you have the best dog.

With mobile access, whether you're right next to your loyal companion or several states away on vacation, you can get a better understanding of how he or she is really feeling and what they are doing.

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