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Let these Intruders in!

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Intruders is a riveting and intense BBC America paranormal thriller that grabs from the first eerie scene and won’t let go. Its drama is mighty close to the weekly eeriness The X-Files so grandly produced, so it’s not surprising to learn producer/writer Glen Morgan is onboard.
From the first moments we see all that bubbles on the surface of human emotion and entanglements is not quite true. There is conflict as we see a girl struggling on a bed surrounded by secret society members who tell her they are there to remind ‘her’ at her request. The society has found a way to become immortal via reincarnation thanks to a scientist on the run and now an FBI agent – who seems part of the conspiracy – is taking a lot of shots at those who threaten to expose the project. Yes, there is going to be a lot of conflict and it’s going to be dangerous to be on the wrong side of this paranormal fence.
So how many people realize they are carrying another soul around? It seems to dawn on Amy Whelan played by Mira Sorvino that her past life in Russia is disturbingly coming to the forefront of her consciousness. This spells bad news for husband and former LA officer Jack Whelan (John Simm) who finds her missing after a birthday and gets a bruised face and a cryptic message from an unknown caller for his troubles. He is told even if you find her she is gone. When will Jack realize his wife is part of a paranormal entanglement and not just suffering a mid-life crisis? This is all part of the drama the series promises from cleverly crafted scene changes and eerie background music.
Richard Shepherd who just might be carrying a phony FBI badge only hesitated to kill one person he had his gun drawn on, that being Madison, a 9 year old girl, who seems prime to ‘come of age’ for her intruder awakening. It is clearly creepy that the 9 year old is carrying another soul when she drowns her cat and threatens a transit employee that ‘what goes around comes around’.
How will these characters survive, and if they do, will the affected literally find ‘themselves’ and their intruder counterparts? It will be well worth the time to tune in and find out. Intruders seems destined for immortality on my TV best list.