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'Let's fly away' to 'Boeing Boeing'



As we enters the Lonny Chapman Theatre in Noho, we are pleasantly surprised to see a cozy Paris flat; as the lights dim, two stewardesses come dancing down the aisles. Welcome to Boeing Boeing, featuring Bernard (Paul Cady), the ultimate playboy/swinger, holding relationships, or rather a love triangle. Immediately, one senses a bit of conflict in the offing, as Bernard encourages betrothed # 1, Gloria (Jennifer Ross) to hurry along. She leaves, albeit much prodding. The maid, Berthe, enters, charmingly played by Michele Bernath, preparing a lunch for amour #2, Gabriella (Jenny Sue Johnson). She announces a clink in Bernard's armour - "oh, by the way, Boeing came up with a new, very quick airline). Bernard seems fraught with alarm, as well he should be, as Gabriella, thanks to new technology, arrives 'home' much earlier than expected, and the farce continues. Gabriella has the true flair of an Italian diva, and is a definite standout.

In between the shenanigans, we find out each stewardess is engaged to Bernard. The constant opening and closing of doors, a la Shakespeare's As You Like It, is a brilliant, crucial part of the play. Entering the scene is Robert (Patrick Burke), long time friend of Bernard, a doting type, who is quickly thrust into the maelstromof Bernard's madness. and who is smitten by the third of Bernard's mistresses, Gretchen (Vesna Tolomonoska). Her involvement with Robert begins unexpectedly, with a kiss, as she mistakes him for Bernard, as she slides open a door. As she's smitten with love and romance, the fairy dust keeps its petty pace.

This is a witty, ribald farce, written by Marc Camoletti, that has played on Broadway, has won Tony Awards, and has had a successful run in Paris for 19 years, based on the original play 'Duos Sur Canape.' It is estimated that 20 million people have seen Camoletti's plays live and 500 million people have seen a recorded version.

The acting, directing, and writing are all first rate: another incredible production from the Group Rep at the Lonny Chapman Theatre.

Through April 19th

Fridays and Saturdays 8PM; Sundays 2 PM

10900 Burbank Blvd. North Hollywood (818) 763-5990