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Let's be Cops

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Let's Be Cops


Two young men move from their native Ohio to glorious Hollywood in pursuit of fame and fortune. Well okay maybe just an opportunity to meet a beautiful girl or two. But so far not all is going well and they are steadily striking out. One day they are invited to a party which they mistakenly believe is a costume party. So they put on L.A.P.D. uniforms and get instantly embarrassed when they discover that “costume” party was an incorrect interpretation of the event. What they do discover, however, is that they instantly receive a great deal positive attention including from beautiful young women who actually believe that they are real cops.

Seizing the opportunity they quickly go all in including acquiring a police vehicle. One of the partners goes so far as to study diligently basic police tactics and jargon essentially becoming a thoroughly unauthorized but somewhat competent cop. Everything is going great right up until they somehow inadvertently find themselves in the middle of a very dangerous and potentially deadly situation just oozing with terror well beyond their abilities and expectations.

In the end justice is served and both men find their true selves each in their own way. It is a very fast paced and 90% hilarious film starring seven time award nominated actor best known for “21 Jump Street” Jake Johnson and veteran comedic actor and standup comic Damon Wayans, Jr. The other 10% is brutal and deeply ugly but actually even that is so over the top that it can be seen as comedic. All together it is what it was designed to be, one very funny movie.

Copyright 2014 Ron Irwin