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'Let It Be (1970)' Movie Review: Swan song

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Let It Be


The Fab Four were wanting to bring the magic back into their lives. It had been many years since going into the studio was fun. They had been on the top of charts for so many years that making new music was seeming harder and harder to do. For John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, and Paul McCartney the writing seem to be written on the wall. The band was going no where fast. They just didn't have the want or the need to continue. The hope was that with the documentary it would bring the snap back into their step.

You would see Ringo on his drums banging out a beat. George would be off putting some notes together for a song. You would see John and Paul collaborating on a song together but in reality they all seemed to be off in their own little worlds.

You had George Martin doing what he did best and that was keeping it all together. The difference though is you had a new member to the team. Yoko Ono could be seen sitting by the wall in a little fold out chair holding court. She had made her presence felt and it was only john who wanted her there. She had already been accused of trying to break them up. It was her taking over of John's talent that was keeping him from properly being involved in the band. She wanted more of the pie for him and let's face it as a women she had every right. She was standing by her man.

The band had been going their separate ways for some years. When they had all traveled to India to learn from the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi you could see that the only one into it was George. They were a family and they were going their separate ways. We all do it from time to time. No one could believe it was The Beatles though.

The film only showed what everybody was feeling, the beginning of the end. One of the last scenes was when the group sauntered up to the roof and played an impromptu concert at their Headquarters at Apple studios and the police had to break it up. For you see it was the last public performance of all the lads. The show was over and so were the Beatles. Director Michael Lindsay-Hogg did not realize when he was staring this film that what he was doing was making history but he sure did. For the millions of us who had grown up listening to the Beatles he was giving us their swan song. For millions of us he gave us the Eulogy at the funeral and we cried like little children for you see it was the truth to LET IT BE.