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'Les Petits Meurtres D' Agatha Christie, Set 1'

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Les Petits Meurtres D' Agatha Christie, Set 1


Superintendent Larosiere loves his women and his passion for the solving of crimes. The young inspector Lampion has a talent for the just trying to keep up. Now when there is a murder of a young woman in the 'ABC Murders' at first they believe it is a random murder. It is not until the second murder that they realize what is actually going on. You see Lampion had received a letter a week before that talked about attacking the Superintendent and turning this case into a serial murder. The murderer had devised a plan to use the alphabet to work his devilish magic. He was going after the Superintendent not by killing him but by killing his career. You have the usual not one but many possibilities as to who the murderer will be. The period is the 1930's France. People are still trying to regroup from WWI. Life still was not totally back to normal. Murder was still most foul even in the villages of France.

Acorn Entertainment brings you seven beautiful Agatha Christie's story. The sub-titles are wonderful and not out of place. Yes the DVDs are in beautiful French. The quality of the visual and sound is once again the best it can be. The set will be released on February 25, 2014.

Agatha Christie has brought us wonderful mysteries for years and the adaptations of her work whether it be in English or French are still wonderful to watch. The acting and the actors are of the very best caliber. They intrigue you the viewer to watch to see who the villain is in each story. This collection of stories would be a wonderful addition to your library. You will always be satisfied with anything that comes from Agatha Christie. You will always love the quality of work from Acorn Entertainment. Enjoy.