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Leonard Delivers Murder Mystery

Eyes Closed Tight by Peter Leonard


Leonard delivers the perfect summer book ; just what readers need after a harsh Michigan winter. Eyes Closed Tight contains everything a reader could want in a thriller, including the added Michigan connection of Detroit. The characters are interesting, the language is simple, and the action and suspense is ever present. The book is an easy read if you have a busy schedule and still want to indulge in your reading habit.
Eyes Closed Tight begins on the coast of Florida where O’Clair and his ridiculously good-looking girlfriend, Victoria, are running a hotel while O’Clair is enjoying retirement from a long career as a homicide detective from Detroit. Life seems normal until one morning O’Clair discovers a woman passed out on one of his lounge chairs; however, instead of sleeping, she has been murdered and mutilated. From there, the plot develops, and O’Clair is lead to a case he investigated while in Detroit involving a series of murdered women. O’Clair returns to Detroit to retrace his steps in order to stop a string of similar murders in Florida.
What readers can appreciate about Lenard’s writing is that he does not spend the reader’s time describing arbitrary details that other authors can spend pages rambling about. He is straight to the point and allows the reader to understand the plot without adding too many instances where a reader needs to infer a detail left unstated. All the while, he is great at keeping the suspense continuous until the very end. The author uses his language to create significant differences between characters while exposing traits in characters that allow the characters to accurately interact with one another. Leonard is a natural when it comes to developing a plot that is engaging. Add in the needed plot twists, and the audience is continually kept on their toes.
For all of the positive attributes of the book, Eyes Closed Tight could easily be lost among the mass amounts of murder mysteries which have a plot in Detroit. Detroit, whether it’s fair or not, is well-known for its negative reputation. With the city’s high murder rate, authors of crime thrillers are consistently drawn to this complicated city. The author takes advantage of Detroit’s negative image while negating the positive movements that have been made in Detroit. Something that stands out is a lack of understanding when it comes to real life economic differences in the Detroit area. A slum lord buying historic homes because of the downtrodden housing market doesn’t accurately represent the income inequality in the Metro Area. It seems more realistic to have the wealthy slum lord living in an affluent suburb, escaping the area he is taking advantage of. This is the real life situation that could occur..
If Eyes Closed Tight had to be put in a specific genre, it would be under summer thriller. This story has more than likely been read before on several different occasions with different names , but that isn’t always a bad thing. This book is a great, easy read.