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‘Lego: The Movie: Video Game' Review: Better than the movie

Lego: The Movie Video Game (Xbox 360)


If you thought the Lego movie was awesome, you haven’t played the game yet.

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Warner Bros. Games

Taking full advantage of the license, “Lego: The Movie: Video Game” is a platforming romp that may be the best game in the series. With more levels and characters than ever before, this game is a Lego fan’s dream come true.

But don’t act like this is surprising news. With such a wide variety of games in the franchise, encompassing so many different facets of pop culture, from Indiana Jones to Rock Band, the Lego games have become a platforming smash hit over the past decade.

Like many of the older games in the series, this one thrives even more thanks to its source material, but can stand firmly on its own. Take away the charismatic and quirky movie-based story and it’s simply a solid platformer that does everything it’s supposed to do, right.

Unlike many other movie tie-ins, you don’t need to have seen the film to truly enjoy the game, but it doesn’t hurt.

Certainly it does help that the voice actors from the film make an appearance in the game, as well as several clips from the movie. But ultimately it’s the convergence of different gameplay styles that make the game a hit. At the same time, both the film and game play so well alongside another that you can’t help but want to watch the film every time you play the game or vice versa.

Much of this has to do with the game’s simple and addicting approachability. While most of the game is old-school platforming, with well-timed strikes and jumps taking up the majority of your button pushes, the quick time events, rhythm elements and even beat-em-up gameplay make for a spicy, well-traversed title that will constantly keep your mind at work and play.

Your eyes will get a work out as well. The color palette used in “Lego: The Movie: The Game” is so bright and fluffy that it’ll even put the kaleidoscopic “Katamari Damacy” in its place. Add in a bevy of unlockable characters and you’ll have a game that’ll keep everyone in the house happy.

That happiness transcends the genre as well. If you appreciate the Lego series, then you’ll enjoy “Lego: The Movie: Video Game” even more. But if you don’t you’ll find it a fun adventure title that, in spite of its plethora of fetch quest gameplay and almost absurd loading times, is well-connected colorful, silly and fun.


Beautifully Colored: From a visual design standpoint, this game completely captures the essence of the source material

Makes the Movie Even More Enjoyable: The incorporation of movie cut-scenes adds some heart to the sometimes-tedious fetch-based gameplay. Taking advantage of several cool moments in the film, the game knows when to turn the excitement level up.

So Much to See and Do: With so many different characters to choose from, from a bevy of different worlds, it’s almost impossible to get bored here. With simple controls and quick and dirty multiplayer options as well, anyone in your home can pick up a controller and play.


Terrible Load Times: The amount of time it takes to boot up levels can be cumbersome at times and especially when you’re advancing from one level to another. The slowdown in an otherwise fast-paced and fun title is a buzzkill at times.

Too Much Eye Candy: The fact that the game is so pretty actually hurts it at times, especially with so many characters on the screen. When multiple enemies attack for example, it becomes way too easy to lose track of your character.

Bottom Line:

If good-looking platformers with plenty of unlockables are your thing, you can do a lot worse than “Lego: The Movie: Video Game.”

*A copy of this game was provided to the writer for review purposes.

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