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'Legit: The Complete First Season' is a little rough but it shows some promise

Legit: The Complete First Season


Much like life, things aren't just funny, or dark or horribly incorrect...they are all above. Now available on DVD, "Legit: The Complete First Season" is foul mouthed ode to trying to live the best possible way that we can.

Three heartfelt miscreants simply living life

Jim Jefferies is an edgy foul mouthed stand up comic living in Los Angeles, struggling to make his life and career more "Legit". However, every time Jim tries to do the right thing, his good deeds turn into wildly inappropriate and utterly hilarious escapades. Joined by his neurotic best friend and roommate Steve (Dan Bakkedhal) and Steve's wheelchair-bound brother Billy (DJ Qualls), Jim takes comedy to brand new levels as they all visit a Vegas brothel, party with the mentally handicapped and pick up women at a gay bar.

From the mind of Jim Jefferies along with producer and co-creator Peter O'Fallon, "Legit: The Complete First Season" is a dead pan, crude ode to humanity that is quite a bit more unconventional and sweet then you'd actually expect.

Set in Los Angeles but shot in Portland as part of the current boom that the productions in the city are seeing, "Legit" is a self deprecating but tender examination of the awkward moments of life that we all work our way through while we are on this planet. It's a show with a very observational tone but moments of it try way too hard to make those shocking moments that do generate some laughs come across as a little desperate and obviously going for shock value moments. No matter how good the material is, if it comes off as a little desperate, it's impossible to hide it. This ultimately uneven tone makes for a genuinely dissatisfying experience as we never know if we are going to laugh, cry or groan when a joke falls flat despite the solid cast.

I can only assume that Jim Jefferies is essentially playing himself and it kind of works but still can't help but come off as a foul mouthed version of Jerry Seinfeld with a heart of gold. A lot of the material actually comes off exactly like that given the quality of the supporting players in this show as well. Dan Bakkedhal has some irreverent fun essentially playing the straight man to Jefferies comic with little to no social filter in dealing with the outside world while DJ Qualls plays his MD stricken brother Billy who simply wants to enjoy whatever life he has left to the absolute hilt and the great Mindy Sterling is forever hovering as his ever worrying mother.

Special features on the two DVD set include a director's cut of the Pilot episode, commentary on all episodes featuring Jim Jefferies, Peter O'Fallon and Dan Bakkedahl, deleted scenes, a gag reel, a look at the journey of Jim Jefferies, and Rodney-Auto tune.

Ultimately, "Legit: The Complete First Season" is a little rough around the edges as it borrows pretty liberally from sitcoms that have come before it, but it does just enough to make it enjoyable watch, provided it can smooth out these very obvious 1st season rough edges and ultimately find its voice.

3 out of 5 stars.

"Legit: The Complete First Season" is now available to purchase from all major retailers like HMV and

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