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Legends: Anything but legendary

Legends touts legendary food, however, boring food and run-of-the-mill decorations don't back up the restaurant's motto.
Legends touts legendary food, however, boring food and run-of-the-mill decorations don't back up the restaurant's motto.

Legends Restaurant


Nothing about the Legends restaurant at 1540 Wakarusa Drive in Lawrence, Kan., is legendary. Unfortunately, the entire restaurant is sub par, and with sports bars being the hottest attractions in Lawrence, not being great is seriously bad news for business.
Legends has taken over the location that was formerly Bambino's, an Italian restaurant that was equally as dissatisfying.
The food was less than memorable. The Shrimp Dip appetizers was the best part of the meal. It was a large bowl of cold cream cheese dip with three shrimp on top. For $10, it was a lot of dip to a little shrimp. The menu failed to mention that the dip was served cold and with grilled bread.
The steak fries were soggy and, without the Cajun spices, bland. Served with ketchup, and the ketchup was the best part. It is nice, however, that the restaurant offers a variety of steak fries, including Traditional, Cajun, Caribbean Jerk and Lemon Pepper.
The Chicken Melt wasn't a melt at all. It was just a chicken sandwich with half-melted cheese. It was dry, even for a sandwich.
The Gruyere Avocado Burger had almost no flavor. The beef was unseasoned and dry. The chili ketchup, which was impossible to find on the burger, was the only thing on the burger that would've added flavor. The avocado was sliced so thick that the burger was difficult to eat.
The decor consists of the University of Kansas and Lawrence Free State and Lawrence High school's sports apparel. Pictures of various athletes line the walls. Each picture includes the name of those pictured, however, most of the names are illegible against the background of the photograph. In Lawrence you would think that sports memorabilia would be great in a sports bar, but the jerseys and photos are done to death, and that makes Legends blend in with the rest of the sports bars in town.
The only interesting art in the restaurant was a wall of KU's Big 12 Championship wins. It is the one thing that other restaurants don't have.
The dining area is spacious, which Bambino's lacked. Having room to move at least makes Legends a comfortable dining experience.
The servers did well and the food came out quickly, but almost too quickly. Dinners came out less than 10 minutes after appetizers, which doesn't give diners much time to enjoy the food already in front of them before more food arrives.
The biggest mistake that the restaurant is making, however, doesn't have anything to do with the food or dining atmosphere. It is the lack of advertising. The restaurant is set in a small, strip-mall type area that is off the beaten path in Lawrence. Most people don't drive in that area bi-weekly, let alone weekly or daily. The restaurant has done little to no advertising, which was evident when the dining room was nearly empty at 6 p.m. If a new restaurant isn't crowded and buzzing with customers, and it isn't advertising enough, there isn't much hope for its survival.