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'Legend' is a dark and alluring fairy tale

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When the world is cast into eternal darkness, Jack, (Tom Cruise) must find the courage to defeat the Lord of Darkness in order to save the woman he loves and restore the fragile balance of the universe before it is lost forever.

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The power of light and darkness plays a significant role in this film. The unicorns – considered to be the most sacred of animals – act as the guardians of light. Their existence ensures that Darkness can never extinguish the light from the universe, nor harm any soul whose heart dwells in the light. The pure innocence of the love shared between Jack and Princess Lily (Mia Sara) allows them to be protected from the malevolent power of Darkness. Their love is also the catalyst which inspires Jack to show Lily the Unicorns. When Jack and the elves defeat Darkness, the unicorn is brought back to life and nature's essence is restored.

When Lily touches the unicorn, and the goblins steal the unicorn’s horn, the balance of light and darkness is overthrown and the universe is cast into a frigid and eternal night. When Lily is captured and seduced by Darkness (Tim Curry), her metamorphosis into his dark queen symbolizes Lily relinquishing the pure light within her. The subtle irony of Lily’s fate is that while she is physically transformed, the essence of her heart remains strong. Although she tells Darkness that she wishes to slay the last unicorn in order to prove her love to him, instead of ending the unicorn’s life, she frees her from the shackles of Darkness. Her sacrifice breaks the hold that Darkness has over Lily, but Jack’s love is what ultimately heals her.

"Legend" is a unique flavor of fairy tale that uses both imagination and an undertone of spirituality to weave its story. The casting is excellent, but Tim Curry, with his blood-red costume and ominous voice is truly exceptional. The musical score created by Tangerine Dream only strengthens the suspenseful and magical essence of the film. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys fantasy.