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Legacy Red from Josh Cellars wine is smooth, full-bodied

Legacy Wine is a tribute
Courtesy of Josh Cellars

Josh Cellars Red Legacy Wine


We are trying hard to relax after medical for the spouse and moving to a new house/office so we are grateful for good wine to relax with and just recently we’ve tried a very nice brand and vintage. Josh Cellars wine was new to us but we will be on the lookout for it after our bottle “taste-test.”

We enjoyed a few glasses of Josh Cellars Legacy Red Wine. It went down smooth with a rich taste and mouth feel. This would be great paired with a cheese tray, steak night, or even with a great grilled burger with bleu cheese and bacon.

"It went down smooth..."

Just recently we had the opportunity to ask a few questions about this special selection and were thrilled to speak with Joseph Carr.

Q.: How long have you been thinking about creating this Legacy Red wine?

Joseph: We’ve been making this blend and serving it at family gatherings for a while now. It was becoming so popular that I decided to bottle it for others to share and enjoy. But it needed a name, and Legacy seemed like the perfect fit for a line honoring my father. He left me with an understanding and appreciation of core values, and those guide the way I live life and all that I do. But this wine is not just about my dad, but celebrating great dads everywhere.

Q.: It does have a combination of rich flavors, could you describe it for Examiner readers?

Joseph: The wine is big and vibrant but very approachable. It features aromas of blueberry pie, fresh raspberries, sage, rosemary and cigar box fill the glass. It’s lush with flavors of plum, black current and dark chocolate, and offers a luxuriously smooth texture and a long Bing cherry finish.

Q.: Are there any foods that should be avoided with wine or is that an old taboo?

Joseph: Legacy is a proprietary blend of Merlot, Zinfandel, Syrah, and Petite Sirah, and surprisingly compliments many dishes. It’s a drinkable wine that would pair nicely alongside grilled meats during summer BBQ’s, but it also stands up to seared Tuna Steak as well- an amazing combo.

Q.: Is there anything you would like to tell Lifestyle readers?

Joseph: The wines we make are really meant for our friends and family, yet they capture the essence of handcrafted winemaking from such great vineyards in Sonoma, Napa and Northern California. Those places have a legacy of their own.

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