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Learning Google+ my way!

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Google+ is climbing it's way up the ladder with Facebook and Twitter. As a lover of social media, I feel out the platform first to see if it has any staying power then I invest the time into learning it. So I did my normal waiting period and it was still there so I decided I had interest in Google+ so I setup a profile. First issue, when you setup your profile you have to use a first and last name or the name on your Google account. If they feel it is not a real name they will suspend your account and you can post or receive messages until you fix the name. Once I got pass that then there are all of these get to know you questions to fill out the profile.

Once the profile is filled out, it is time to explore the product. The best feature is the Google+ Hangout. This is a place where you can host interviews and video conferencing. This can be used for personal and professional purposes and it makes the videos YouTube ready so you can put it on your websites and blogs.

Final word - Google+ may be hard to setup in the beginning but the features of Google+ Hangouts definitely makes up for it. Setup your profile today!