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Learn The Healing Synergy of Talk and Touch

Rubenfeld Synergy Training


The Rubenfeld Synergy Method provides you an opportunity to offer your clients a pathway to relief, recovery and renewal.

Whether you are…

  • A bodyworker who knows that exploration of the emotional aspect of your clients is the missing piece that can provide lasting relief
  • A therapist who knows the limitation of Talk and the need to include the Body ‘s wisdom in your clients therapeutic journey
  • A new career seeker being called to their life’s work through the healing arts

Learn to Listen to the Wisdom of the Body

With this training you can use the skills you acquire to start your own practice, or to enhance work you are already doing.

As a massage therapist, body therapist, energetic or other healing practitioner, you will discover a new way of working, an approach which integrates touch & awareness to support your clients’ own innate capacity to heal. Working with the body in a “listening” way is gentle and easeful. You end your day feeling enlivened rather than depleted.

During your sessions your compassionate touch may have evoked emotional responses from your clients; responses and emotions that you do not know how to work with or integrate into your treatment.

The Rubenfeld Synergy Method offers you that missing piece. As a Synergist, you will invite & teach your clients how to listen. You will help them to tune into themselves through their bodies.As a talk therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker, mental health counselor, marriage counselor, creative arts or other therapeutic practitioner, the Rubenfeld Synergy Method will reveal what research has been corroborating. The mind exists throughout the entire body.

Three decades worth of research in the fields of neurobiology, psychoneuroimmunology,and other medical fields have demonstrated the connection between the mind and the body.Brain science and the advent of imaging technology have made it clear just how embodied the mind is.

In learning RSM you will learn how to explore the bodily means by which your clients move through their everyday lives. Through the use of breath work, movement, touch, and explorations of feeling, sensation, posture, and gesture ,clients experience how they shape their sense of self and their experience of other and the world.

Would you like to make a career change, to follow your passion and make a difference to society? If you want to become an instrument for healing if you want to touch people and help them transform their lives - The Rubenfeld Synergy Training offers you a pathway to find and pursue your life’s purpose.


With the The Level One Somatic Synergist Program you will (within a seven month period) be given all the basic skills necessary to help your clients heal holistically –body , mind , emotion and spirit.

You will learn:

  • How to put touch & talk together and help clients discover the wisdom of their body.
  • How intention is important in touch and awareness is the key to change
  • How to listen to the sensations in your body and help your clients listen to their bodies
  • The essentials elements of the collaborative therapeutic relationship.
  • And so much more….

This training offers an opportunity to begin a journey of self-transformation as you learn how to take care of yourself and be fully present for others. A by-product of this learning will be a surprising relief from pain, chronic tension and stress, letting go of old habit patterns and the making of clear choices for living a more fulfilling life.

This 140 hour course consists of demonstration and instructional videos, webinars, articles, 2 six-day on-site trainings, 25 Practice Client sessions, a curriculum guide, a session template and a very high teacher to student ratio. You will be taught and guided and encouraged at every step of this powerful training experience.

Listen to Live Radio Interview (Part 1) with Joe Weldon, Co-Director of the Rubenfeld Synergy Training Institute

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