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'League of Xtraordinary Worshippers': Deitrick Haddon debuts extraordinary choir

Deitrick Haddon, League of Xtraordinary Worshippers, LXW


Deitrick Haddon has never shied away from creating a sound far from the norm. With the formation of his choir League of Xtraordinary Worshippers (LXW), Haddon is set to change the game. The choir's debut album will definitely grab the hearts of die hard Deitrick Haddon followers and the snippets of the live recording, released over the past couple of days via Instagram and YouTube, is an indication that this album is destined to be one of this year's best albums.

Deitrick Haddon's League of Xtraordinary Worshippers
Deitrick Haddon, League of Xtraordinary Worshippers, LXW, Tyscot

Haddon ushers in another phase of his career with his new choir. Over the years, he has been known to push the envelope when it came to his sound and creativity. Some may have thought him to be the "Michael Jackson" of Gospel. Well there's no denying, listening to the choir's album, that Deitrick is on to something big.

On the reality television series "Preachers of L.A.", Deitrick bared his soul before millions regarding his marriage to Damita Haddon dissolving, having a child out of wedlock and marrying Dominique, the woman who helped bring him back from the brink of suicide and mother of his children. During the first season of "Preachers of L.A.", an episode showed snippets of the live recording of the album at Bishop Noel Jones' church City of Refuge in Gardena, California. In anticipation of the release of LXW's album on April 22, the Oxygen network will air the live recorded concert in it's entirety Friday, April 18 at 7:30 am cst/8:30 am est.

Tyscot Records has tirelessly backed Deitrick Haddon on previous albums and movies, LXW's album is no exception. It has been marketed to the utmost. Over the past couple of days, Tyscot has released snippets of the actual performances from the live recording featuring Jessica Reedy on "Don't Pass Me By" and multi-award winning producer, songwriter and singer, from Chicago, Donald Lawrence on "Keep On Blessing Me". Collaborations with other well known Gospel artists such as multi-award winner Hezekiah Walker on the Jackson 5-flavored "We Need Your Power", another Chicago choir maven, multi-award winner Ricky Dillard on "God Stepped In" and Haddon's own sister Clareta takes us back to the footstomping handclapping days of choir music on "Just Like He Said He Would". Get ready, Deitrick Haddon's League of Xtraordinary Worshippers' self-titled album will not disappoint.