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It gets to the point where you start looking for someone quiet.


By Julie D. Griffin

The Wettest County-slide0
The Weinstein Company
Henry heads to church for the love of his life who went there first to find her, and only takes her out, as to court her to marry her and make her his wife for the rest of his life.
Film International & The Weinstein Company

One of the greatest notations about the handsome gangster here, so if the film got a lot of action going on at least one trait made the five star point. Which that the men watched out for, watched over and protected and got mad about the right thing. Anyone and everyone who exploited or tried to exploit their women. And there was not no one, even family who was going to come in and try to hurt a one of them. In short, pulling a gun on one of the Bondurat Brothers women, not such a good idea, and it won't be any of the brothers doing that to any of their women. So the boys, unlike some weak-kneed criminals without morals, the country side of Franklin County, Virginia finds moonshine stock on the rise and rising.

And unlike the city people who only landed a fiasco later, and pretend to be country, Henry heads to church for the love of his life who went there first to find her, and only takes her out, as to court her to marry her and make her his wife for the rest of his life. According to the film, he loves and protects her. And takes the shots for her all on his own. In short, he was actually prepared to murder the men who crossed her creek, and not the other way around. But that is how you know the difference between a city man who moved to the country later, and a real country man born and raised. Morals.

A. once feather dancer from the big city of Chicago, The Apex Club, and big fancy classy and all with a small town humble though pretty, Jessica Chastain as Maggie Beauford. Mia Wasikowska as Bertha Minnix who the other brother Jack courts, a daughter of a real life Brethren preacher who later marries the man the real story based on the prohibition Irish whiskey of and lives happily ever after. After he busts his way into the church during the foot washing she loved him like a feather dancer gone mad.

So, the organized moonshine company owned every echelon of good rich, corporation bylaws, the boys informed, you can make moonshine out of almost anything. Lights on those Piedmont hills meant Christmas and one other thing. Meanwhile, the others just like Al Capone knew that the tiers of prohibition of a heightened substance defined the greater population there, and because no visible money flowed, no new brilliant and otherwise entrepreneurs wise. Capone and the writer Truman Capote both knew the near impossible feat of sculpting a perfect criminal. The literary devise for one of that day looked a lot more like a real man, and not something which only flies three sheets to the wind. A greater Gatsby, just as Leonardo demonstrated cares about things life as well.

A Wolf Of Wall Street does exactly what he says he does. He makes a lot of ridiculous money off of innocent people, which he plans never to multiply back for them, and he uses and exploits women, and most especially the mother of his own children. This is no Robert Redford (Sundance Film Festival Host) and The Sundance Kid, or any part of what made you hate the wolf and love the moonshiner. And much as a Johnnie Depp who exhibited careful moments of compassion as Dillinger, thus making you fall in love with that character. And back to our Piedmont brothers who did not scrapbook the bullets for future posterity, "He looked like he had direction and vision," they said about those still water boys. "Ya'll some kind of a genious." And like a lab of something bright, a lit up basement early morning light seemed to make every day a holiday for the new gang.

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