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Laura's Journey to the Stars app offers children's story fun

Inexpensive app will provide hours of imaginative fun
Inexpensive app will provide hours of imaginative fun
Art courtesy Bastei Luebbe GmbH & Co. KG

Laura's Journey to the Stars by Klaus Baumgart


Children’s author Klaus Baumgart invites youngsters along for a journey to the stars in a story app which recounts the experiences of a young girl named Laura and her little brother Tommy. Filled with touchable images that move and zoom into other pictures and hidden learning games, youngsters will find a world of magic and amazement in the interactive app.

As bedtime approaches, the two children pause to appreciate the beauty of the starry night. Laura points out her star in the night sky. After a little discussion, the two decide to look for Tommy’s toy dog’s star. Such an endeavor requires a rocket, so off they go to construct a rocket of their very own.

The gentle illustrations lend a magical air to the story. As Laura and her brother prepare their rocket ship, readers tag along for the ride. Be sure to have young readers tap on images. Dogs bark, clowns laugh, paints spread on paper and scenes change at a touch. Readers can turn the water on and off in the bathroom sink. Laura brushes her teeth and fogs up a bathroom mirror, which readers can clear. A sock-matching game and musical dog bones add variety.

Parents will appreciate the soothing tone of the narrator and the soft background music, which will likely aid children in finding sleep as the story ends. Another plus comes in the form of an appreciation for the imagination of little ones. The story encourages children to develop their own imaginations as the children in the story do.

With control over when one scene moves to the next, youngsters can revel in each stage of the trip as long as they like. An icon at the bottom center of the screen allows fast-forward to particular scenes, as children become familiar with the story and develop favorite scenes or wish to resume where they stopped in a previous session.

Baumgart has many Laura stories in print. She and her star have numerous adventures. This interactive application takes the story to a new level. Available for many operating systems, the app is sure to be a big hit with preschool youngsters. If the children have already met Laura and her family, the app adds a new dimension to the relationship. For those who haven’t met the winsome characters before, this will introduce a new friend.

Laura’s Journey to the Stars by Klaus Baumgart

Bastei Luebbe GmbH & Co. KG

Available at iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, Samsung App Market, or Amazon Appstore.

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