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Laughs with Heart at Topher Payne's "Lakebottom Prime"

Lakebottom Prime play


Atlanta's favorite local playwright, Topher Payne, has created another work capturing the uniquely Southern sense of unflappable, wry comedy. Lakebottom Prime premiered in Columbus, Georgia in 2013 and is now enjoying a run at OnStage Atlanta in Decatur. Catch a performance, now through May 17, and check out for tickets priced lower than the cost of a movie.

Think Steel Magnolias without poor, dying Julia Roberts - the world of Lakebottom Prime is all surreal humor as two families cope with an escalating mound of obstacles interrupting the wedding of Brewster Tuttle and Daisy Doverdill. The mother of the groom soldiers bravely on in the face of an uncooperative mother of the bride, a malaria outbreak, and an unfortunate secret about the bride's true parentage. Set in 1924, the show's themes are undoubtedly modern - at once extra-terrestrial and universal, giddily silly and heartfelt.

Jill Hames is a dynamic engine who keeps the show running from beginning to end; as Brewster's mother Cilla, she fights to keep the wedding located by her beloved lake, despite the fact that the army intends to poison it in order to combat the malaria-ridden mosquitoes. Cilla is determined to throw the perfect bridal brunch despite the fact that most of the party is out of commission, and she will not let anyone tell her that the groom's cake is not a crucial part of the ceremony.

Along the wild ride, you'll find yourself confronted with stories of several types of passionate, familial love, most notably the strong desire of a mother to protect her children throughout their lives. Lakebottom Prime is a great show to see with your mother for Mother's Day, or at any time of the year.