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Laugh till it hurts,a review of Howie Mandel live in Bethlehem, PA

Howie Mandel live comedy routine


Never having seem Howie Mandel other than on television I did not know what to expect from his live show. I'd heard his show could be a little raunchy at times but was willing to take the chance.

The show started with an annoying video of a guy singing the same song over and over again which I have blocked out of mind. As the video kept going the crowd got more an more annoyed. What a practical joke by Howie. The opening act was very funny but you could tell the crowd was waiting for Mandel to take the stage and when he did take it for his own he didn't disappoint.

His set was all over the place from talking about shopping with his wife at the mall, which is a truly funny bit, to talking about his days as the voice of Bobby, Gizmo as well as Skeeter from the Muppet Babies.

Some of the funniest bits of the night came when Mandel interacted with the audience, or should I say when he used the audience for for some improv comedy.

In one bit Howie talked of going to the doctor for a physical and having the dreaded butt test. He held out his pointer finger and flexed it a few times. "What is this/", he said. to which the audience replied, "A prostate exam."

"I know that...but what is it...what does it measure?" he retorted before searching the audience to find a doctor who could explain the test to him. The funniest part of the whole routine was he either couldn't find a doctor or they just didn't want to step up and admit they were doctors. He joked about the lack of doctors in the Bethlehem area.

He also joked about the length of a doctor's finger and the effectiveness of the exam.

Later in the evening he turned his comedic attention to a couple in the balcony who had met on and were on the first date. He joked with them about a Breaking bad t-shirt the guy had given to the girl and whether it was re-gifted from one of his roommates.

The rest of the night was filled with more laughs at the expense of the audience as well as alot more of Howie being Howie.

Howie's comedy set, while it may not have been, seemed tailor made for the Bethlehem audience and kept the crowd laughing till it hurt. A night of comedy with Howie is highly recommended, but make note his show is for mature audiences only because of some of the content of the show.

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