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'Last Vegas' should be first on your Blu-Ray wishlist

What did you think about Last Vegas?
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Last Vegas (Blu-Ray)


What turned out to be one of the most surprising comedies last year is now available on Blu-Ray and you will not want to miss out on the wonderful content Last Vegas brings to the party.

The film stars acting legends Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline as they journey to Las Vegas for a bachelor party of elderly proportions.

Regardless if you've seen the film before or not, and you're wondering about the additional value this Blu-Ray will be bringing to you, we're happy to report that it's well worth the time and investment.

One of our favorite featurrettes that comes with the Blu-Ray Combo Pack is a segment called, Shooting in Sin City. This piece of content is really fascinating as it takes you behind the scenes of the sets the crew used to create Las Vegas. It's pretty impressive and really shows some of the incredible techniques it took to create the sets you see in the movie.

The look behind the supporting cast as well as the pool party featurette are both interesting, but admittedly, Shooting in Sin City is where the most interesting content lies.

Moving on, there is a solid commentary featuring director Jon Turteltaub and Last Vegas writer Dan Fogelman. As you listen to the commentary you are given some unique perspective and insight into the film, along with reasoning behind the choices they made for the film.

Next up, we have the It's Going to be Legendary feature where the main cast, mentioned above, discusses the film and provides their takes on the story and each character. Personally, these are always interesting to hear and there was quite a bit of tangible, meaningful content to consume.

The feature called Four Legends provides a lot of the same information as the aforementioned feature does, but it does go into some greater detail. It's a group of actors we don't normally get to see on screen and hearing what they have to say in this situation is a treat as well.

As you look at the overall package that Last Vegas brings, it's an entertaining, fun film for anyone to enjoy and the Blu-Ray Combo Pack is a terrific addition to any fan's home.

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